2016 Volkswagen CC

  • 2016 Volkswagen CC

    Volkswagen CC
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    • Client states — Check engine light on dash and smells
    • REPORT – 3 tires are bad – recommend 4 tires Front brakes are like 15% remaining Needs front brake pads and rotors Rear braked are like 40% remaining Needs oil service
    • Hook up diagnostic scanner. Check computer for fault codes. Report Codes P2237 O2 sensor positive current control circuit bank 1 sensor 1 open P1297 Connection charger-throttle valve pressure drop P0101 Mass or volume air flow sensor "A" circuit range performance P02999 Turbo/super charger underboost Systems test & diagnose Various hoses for turbo and vacuum are incorrect Been worked on previously Need to Fix and repair hoses Clear computer memory Road test – Good Oxygen sensor code P2237 not related but did not come back on while driving If P2237 comes back on then we'll need to diagnose further
    • Repair as needed
    • Replace motor oil & oil filter. Check all fluids & top off as needed. Check & inflate all vehicle's tires to the recommended tire pressure rating. Lube chassis if needed. Inspect air filter & replace if needed. Check belts and hoses. Reset engine oil replacement reminder light [MAINT REQD], if equiped.
    Kathrine R. gave our service a 5 star review on 5/3/2024


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