Location: 14550 Delano St | Van Nuys, CA 91411         Hours: Monday through Friday 7:00am to 5:00pm


  • Personal Car Repair

    Thousands or people, just like you, have arrived at our door with automotive service needs to be provided with individual,...

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  • Fleet Services

    We service many corporate fleet customers. Service vehicles, motor-pool cars and more. If you are a fleet manager, let us...

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  • Authorized Repairs

    For 10 consecutive years, Whitney Auto Service has earned an overall annual customer satisfaction evaluation score of  97-100% with the...

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We can handle all Repairs


Top-Tier Technicians

It takes sophisticated diagnostic tools to determine if the "code" reported is accurate. We are ASE certified technicians who can interpret the results and make only the necessary repairs needed—without wasting your time and money. It's no wonder so many customers have learned to trust Whitney Auto—you can too.

Tow to Whitney Auto

Tow your car to Whitney Auto

Tell your tow that you want your car serviced by Whitney Auto. Every tow company in the area knows who we are and where we're located. That's what happens when you've had a stellar reputation for over 60 years. We will treat you with our "white glove" level of service—service you can trust.