Location: 14550 Delano St | Van Nuys, CA 91411         Hours: Monday through Friday 7:00am to 5:00pm


  • Air Conditioning Service

    Air Conditioning Service

    Nothing is worse than hot weather and under performing cabin cooling. We specialize in A/C systems and the diagnosis of...

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  • Brake Service

    Brake Service

    Brakes squeaking? Taking too long to stop? These are signs of neglect and you can't take a chance on the...

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  • Cooling System

    Cooling System

    An efficient engine cooling system not only ensures you'll arrive at your destination on time, but will also help your...

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  • Electrical Systems

    Electrical Systems

    At some time during the life of your car, you will experience a failed fuse or other electrical problem. Wish...

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  • Engine Repair

    Engine Repair

    Wouldn't it be great if cars ran forever? The reality is that most will need some tender loving care under...

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  • New Purchase Inspection

    New Purchase Inspection

    When buying a used car, always have it checked over by a qualified service technician. We hear stories all the...

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  • Oil and Filter Service

    Oil and Filter Service

    There are plenty of quickie lube places to take your car for an oil and filter change. We can perform...

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  • Vehicle Maintenance

    Vehicle Maintenance

    Vehicle maintenance is what most everyone needs when their car reaches certain mileage milestones such as 3,000 miles; 6,000 miles...

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  • Wheels & Alignment

    Wheels & Alignment

    The wheels and suspension system of your car is one of the most important factors affecting the safety of your...

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